Tokyo-Hot n1249 Yuki Okamoto Tokyo Thermal Sexy Secretary Beautiful Breasts Excessive Reaction Inpatient Insult Part 1
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016
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Tokyo-Hot n1249 Yuki Okamoto Tokyo Thermal Sexy Secretary Beautiful Breasts Excessive Reaction Inpatient Insult Part 1


Yuki Okamoto (Yuki Okamoto) of the generalized telescope is excited at Tokihotori shoji with extravagant punishment! Yuki is a good skill to invite a men with a cheerful beam with a young face. The president appeared to the place where you are working in the secretarial office, and it is told that there are complaints when TOKYO HOTOKORO, a devil's employee, is too erotic ... .... The entire body of the Yuki was checked by the president w Eroticos were taken and stimulated violently the cute pussy where the hair of the machine finely grew! In addition, forced insult violation of devil's employees' smell semen to punishment! The incident at TOKYO HOKKO CO., One day, she was going to work as a secretary for telephone response as usual, but her boss suddenly came in and said, "Your dress is too erotic I can not work with other male employees. " She has never been told such a thing, the answer does not come out with a look of embarrassment. Take off her jacket and put it in a dress of Skascennit. The boss who found it will touch on the inside of her body if she has to punish her more. Furthermore, when she discovers that she is Nobler, she seems to be even more irritated with her one piece and exposed her squaty panties and she does not even know what to do. From her sleeveless dress, my boss stumps big breasts with Brun. Let her say obscene words picking up a coli colored nipple. She thrusts her hand to the desk, sticks out a prep sweetheart, she is said to invite a man like usual, shakes his hips sexyly. I was swept through the panties and spread out with my fingers to cute pussy and anal and I saw it all the way back in the puckli hole

全身性感帯の・岡本優紀(おかもとゆうき)ちゃんが東熱商事で凌辱的お仕置きで大興奮! 幼顔で男性をお色気ビームで誘っちゃうのが得意技の優紀ちゃん。秘書室でお仕事してるところへ社長が現れ、東熱商事鬼畜社員からエロ過ぎるとクレームが出ていることを伝えられ…。優紀の全身を社長点検w エロポーズをとらされて、微かにマ〇コの毛が生えた可愛いマンコを激しく刺激!さらには鬼畜社員の臭ザーメンを強制中出しでお仕置き姦へ! ある日の東熱商事での出来事、彼女はいつも通りにデスクワークに、電話対応にと秘書として仕事をしているつもりだったが、上司が突然入ってきて「君の服装が、あまりにもエロ過ぎて、他の男性社員が仕事ができない」と言われた。そんなことを今まで言われたことのない彼女は、戸惑いの表情で答えが出てこない。 そんな彼女のジャケットを剥ぎ取ると、スケスケニットのワンピース姿に。それを見つけた上司はさらに彼女にお仕置きをしなければと、体中を触りだす。さらに、彼女がノーブラであることを発見すると、さらにイヤらしく彼女のワンピースをまくり上げスケベなパンティーをさらけ出された彼女は更にどうしていいかわからない状態に。 彼女のノースリーブのワンピースから、ブルンと出された大きな胸を揉みだす上司。さらにコリコリした乳首をつまみながら卑猥な言葉を彼女に言わせる。デスクに手を突き、プリプリのおケツを突き出し、もっといつものように男を誘ってみろと言われ、腰をセクシーに振る彼女。パンティーを捲られて、可愛いマンコとアナルまで指で広げられて、パックリ穴の奥まで見えちゃいましたよw