Tokyo-Hot n0916 Maki Koizumi A woman's scream echoes Play Disgraceful
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016
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Tokyo-Hot n0916 Maki Koizumi A woman's scream echoes Play Disgraceful


stop! disgusting! odor! A woman's scream echoes in the dungeon. Koizumi Maki attracts beautiful boobs and beautiful legs is a prey. It is a superb look, but he is strong and super cocky. Resist all the time to be caressed and caressed. Scenes that get bad. However, gradually becoming quiet with endlessly toy condemnation and powerful aphrodisiacs and finally getting out of battle and convulsing the body. Pleading cum shot with sucking cock to your cock in a squatting watching! Even if semen is injected one after another, it is not enough yet and you are going to need additional sperm! Cheeky fucking woman is completely submissive. I promised to serve any cock. Maki loves nasty sex. I will gladly respond to the interview but smile is only the beginning. I went to the basement directly and watched a crowd of cuddly men who were waiting for it. It is pushed into the same cage as the naked men and it is frightened. Taking off your clothes and touching the whole body resisted. Seriously disliked being cunnily and cock is pushed into the mouth. To resist desperately it is forcibly screwed into the cock and makes it a victim of continuous ejaculation in the vagina. Total 10 shots. Semen is infused one after another while striking with a bad heart. I was told that I like sex, but this is what it is. After all, a woman who has only a lonely sex experience. It is necessary to further insult. Then Maki was tied up with both hands and stood posing. You seriously appeal to want to return but you can spit on your face. And resisted against a nipple and a pussy with a rotor resistance. There is no appearance of submission despite being persistently pressed. Beginning of curse to men. Immediately afterwards pussy was accused of electricity and resisted harder. Even when pushing a combination electric wire bundled with four, two, it resists it even if it is pushed by a pussy. However, as the dildo is pushed into the vagina, at the same time it begins to gradually feel crispy around the area where the electric shooter was accused. And screaming with pleasant while showing resistance! Suddenly it became quiet and full body dream. A squid pattern. They gather by gathering men and gather. It will be considerable humiliation. Then it is tied up with open leg pose and inserted Cuzco in the vagina. Beautiful uterus mouth still intact. Hedahida in the vagina is also obscene. And you will be pouring the aphrodisiac with a syringe. He reacted immediately and suffered seizure. A cocky woman is also immediately obedient female. My whole body is biked with a rotor torture that follows. Two pieces in the vagina are pushed at the same time. And screaming with the vibrator made into 4 bunks pushed by the pussy. It will be squid. I also screaming at the next electric drill torture. It is also squid and full of convulsions. At last it begins a cock! And sucking cocks with a collar and both hands tied up. It is a submissive attitude that is blown up by W blowjob and Deep Throating. It seems like meat slaves. And it is screwed in the normal position. Flexion position. Reverse woman on top posture. At the same time, I feel that I was pushing the brush into the chest. back. Moral rank. Fucked in a backpack. It is piercing all the better. While being pistoned in the back, alternately blow two other cock positively. It seems that a cocky woman swore to obedience to the cock. And I was caught in the flexion position and cum shot. It is vaginal cum shot. And then the second one after the cleaning blowjob is thrown in the normal position and semen injected. Directly the third one got rubbed. I was scattered all the time and begging for creampie inside. And vaginal cum shot in the normal position. Semen will be injected into the fourth and fifth consecutive fourth sexual encounter with the vaginal cum shot feeling. Pussy Guccioli. Maki is unable to move in self-defeated state. It is left untouched. After this, Maki is sold at a woman's shop with a serving slave and ass posted on the buttocks. I tried to decide whether to buy it after trying out something, and 100 sipping guests a day. Although it is seriously crowded from opening to closing, no buyer is attached yet. It will be pregnant and discarded. It might be unbelievable for fans, but this is Koizumi Maki. I can never see this again.

やめて!キモい!臭い!地下牢に女の悲鳴が響く問答無用姦。ムチムチおっぱいと美脚が魅力的な小泉真希が餌食です。極上のルックスですが気が強くて超生意気。縛られ無理矢理の愛撫にも終始抵抗。悪態をつく場面も。しかし延々と続く玩具責めと強力媚薬で徐々におとなしくなり遂に身体をビクビク痙攣させて悶絶。イカされた挙句に自分からチンポにむしゃぶりついて中出し懇願!次々とザーメンを注入されてもまだ足りず追加精子のおねだり!生意気なクソ女が完全屈服。どんなチンポにも奉仕する事を約束しました。  真希はいやらしいエッチが大好き。インタビューに嬉しそうに受け答えするが笑顔は最初だけ。直に地下室に連れて行かれ待機する大勢のキモい男達を見て絶句。全裸の男達と同じ檻の中に押し込まれ揉みくちゃにされる。服を脱がされて全身を触りまくられ抵抗。本気で嫌がるもクンニされ口内にチンポを押し込まれる。必死に抵抗するも無理矢理チンポを捩じ込まれ連続膣内射精の餌食に。合計10発。心底気持ち悪そうな顔をして暴れながら次々とザーメンを注入される。エッチが好きと言っていたのにこの有様。所詮は生ぬるいセックスの経験しかない女。さらに陵辱する必要ありだ。  続いて真希は両手脚を縛られ立ちポーズ。帰りたいと本気で懇願するも顔面に唾を吐き掛けられる。そして乳首とマンコにローターを押し付けられ抵抗。執拗に押し当てられながらも屈服する様子無し。挙句男達に悪態をつく始末。直後マンコを電マ責めされ一層激しく抵抗。4本、2本と束にされた組み合わせ電マをマンコに押し付けられても抵抗しっ放し。しかしディルドを膣内に押し込まれ同時にクリを電マ責めされたあたりから徐々に感じ始める。そして抵抗を見せながらも気持ち良くて絶叫!突然おとなしくなり全身ピクピク。イカされた模様。キモい男達に寄って集ってイカされる。相当な屈辱だろう。  そして開脚ポーズで縛られ膣内にクスコを挿入される。まだ無傷の綺麗な子宮口。膣内のヒダヒダも卑猥。そして注射器で媚薬を注ぎ込まれる。直に反応し小刻みに痙攣。生意気女もこれで直に従順なメスだ。続くローター責めで全身ビクビク。膣内に2個同時に押し込まれクリを電マ責めされ悶えまくり。そして4本の束にされたバイブをマンコに押し付けられ絶叫。イカされてしまう。続く電気ドリル責めにも絶叫しまくり。またイカされ全身痙攣。遂にはチンポ懇願!  そして首輪を付けられ両手を縛られた状態でチンポにしゃぶり付く。Wフェラやイラマチオを連発されるも従順な態度。肉奴隷らしくなってきた。そして正常位で捩じ込まれる。屈曲位。背面騎乗位。同時にクリに電マを押し付けられ感じまくり。バック。正常位。マンぐり返しで生姦。ひたすら突きまくられて善がる。バックでピストンされながら別のチンポ2本を積極的に交互フェラ。生意気女がチンポへの服従を誓った模様。  そして屈曲位で掻き回されて中出しおねだり。生中出しされる。そしてお掃除フェラの後2本目を正常位で放り込まれザーメン注入。直に3本目がズブリ。散々掻き回されて中出し懇願。そして正常位で生中出し。続く4本目、5本目も中出しをおねだりして感じまくった挙句にザーメンを注入される。マンコグッチョリ。真希は自失状態で動けず。そのまま放置される。  この後真希は奉仕肉奴隷と尻に焼印を押されて女体ショップで販売される。マンコの具合を試してから買うかどうか決めたいと試し中出し客が一日百人。開店から閉店まで散々中出しされるもまだ買い手が付かず。そのうち妊娠し廃棄されるだろう。 ファンの方には信じられないかもしれませんがこれは小泉真希なんです。こんな姿、もう二度と見ることできません。