Tokyo-Hot n0604 Kotooto Amamiya TOKYO HOT flow apt Drying Insult Slender model
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016
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Tokyo-Hot n0604 Kotooto Amamiya TOKYO HOT flow apt Drying Insult Slender model


Perfect proportion Amonomi Kotone is the most beautiful model currently attracting attention. RQ to the fashion model. Slender and fair skin looks outstanding in every costume. However, Kotone suits the best, as it is a pussy bullet style. A good shape bust and a beautiful beauty man outperform any costume. Pussy pierced and crowned open pussy and forcibly made face cheerfully and seriously disgusting expression is also highest! Chest to enlarge as soon as you are touched and meat villa which is easy to enlarge is too obscene! In order to be the best meat toilet Please enjoy the bad news of Kotone. A man of a voyeur mania got sex pictures of Kotone. Send it to the original of Kotone scissors in the fan letter. Kotone which I remember is astound. A big scandal if the picture is known to the world. Kotone who wants to collect pictures at all anything goes directly to meet as directed by the man. The purpose of a man is of course the body of Kotone. However, Kotone which can not resist until collecting the photograph is forcibly deep kissed. Immediately afterwards brassieres and panties are stripped off and licking the legs. Subsequently I was finger fucked while I was cried, and I was in agony. Sensitive meat villa quickly enlarges! Liquid juice drips and it is obscene. And push the raw cock at the normal position. One leg is raised and standing back with a standing back and it gets better. The pussy is extended swiftly. And M came back on the back woman on top posture. Kotone is confused to unexpected cum out, but somehow it collects pictures. However, on the next day's swimsuit shooting site also the pictures that are threatened by the story with a picture of the problem. The men from the shooting staff found photographs that were abandoned in the garbage cans at the scene. Kotone immediately peeled off the bikini and opened pussy fully with an open leg pose. I feel fingers and fingers as I've been fingering chestnuts. Immediately after 2 clubs were stimulated with 2 rotors and it was a pussy guchogyeocho. And pushing the vibes into the pussy with all four crawling. Pistons are strongly pierced and struggled forcibly. Subsequently, two open pole poses pressed two plywoods to a pussy and was in agony. It is squid again and pussy is love and guccioli. Immediately afterwards the cock is pushed into the mouth and sucked scattered. And the cock is twisted in the normal position. Flexion position, side position, back, woman on top posture. The whitish muddiness jets out. Kotone keeps being fucked with the expression of agony. And vaginal cum shot in the normal position. Immediately afterwards the second one is inserted. Semen forced injection after being severely stirred. Immediately the third one is pushed in the back woman on top posture. Chestnuts enlarged with repeated stimulus are obscene! And they are vaginal cum shot. The inside of the vagina which is full of puffing up pussy is too obnoxious. Kotone finally collected photos with bad things. However, tragedy awaited even at handshake & autograph session the next day. Kotone repeatedly shakes hands and signs with fans, but the pictures and movies of the problem had already flowed out on the net. Fans who knew the existence of erotic images & videos naturally furious. Surround Kotone. Kotone who knew the danger immediately tried to escape from the hall but was pressed down and could not move. Immediately afterwards the whole body is caressed. The costume was stripped off and the pussy was fully opened with a standing back style. The cock is screwed one after another and forced to ejaculate in the vagina. A total of 10 semen with a total pussy rash. Furthermore, it is not finished by itself alone, and semen is continuously bathed in muddy pussy with open leg pose. The pussy that was hit directly in semen with a total of 8 watches is in a state of indifference. After this, Kotone dealt newly with a toilet bowl specialty office. The popularity has not only declined, it gains new fans and soared rapidly. However, I was hospitalized because I was caught inside by coming day after day and my physical condition was broken and pussy overuse disease. It is also crazy and enthusiastic as enthusiastic fans who crawl into the inquiries. There is an eagerly anticipated day to discharge hospital early and offer pussy to everyone again.

完璧プロポーションの雨宮琴音は今最も注目を集めている美形モデル。ファッションモデルにRQ。スレンダーな肢体と色白の肌はどの衣装も抜群に似合います。しかし琴音が最もよく似合うのはやっぱりマンコ丸出しスタイル。形の良いバストと綺麗な美マンはどんな衣装も凌駕します。チンポを突き刺され抉じ開けられたマンコや無理矢理生カンされ本気で嫌そうな表情も最高!弄られると直ぐに大きくなるクリや肥大し易い肉ビラも卑猥過ぎ!最上級の肉便器になるために生まれてきた琴音の痴態を堪能して下さい。 琴音のセックス写真を盗撮マニアの男が入手。ファンレターの中にはさみ琴音の元に送りつける。身に覚えのある琴音は仰天。写真が世間に知られれば大スキャンダル。何としても写真を回収したい琴音は男の指示通り直接会いに行く。男の目的は当然琴音の肉体。しかし写真を回収するまで抵抗出来ない琴音は無理矢理ディープキスされる。直後ブラジャーとパンティも剥ぎ取られ美脚を舐めまくられる。続いてクリを舐められながら指マンされ悶絶。敏感な肉ビラは直ぐに肥大!愛液が滴り何とも卑猥だ。そして正常位で生チンポを押し込まれる。片脚上げ立ちバックで散々ピストンされ善がりまくり。マンコはぱっくり拡張。そしてM字背面騎乗位で生中出し。予期せぬ中出しに琴音は混乱するが何とか写真を回収。 しかし翌日の水着撮影現場でも問題の写真をネタに脅かされるハメに。現場のゴミ箱に捨てられていた写真を撮影スタッフの男達が見つけたのだ。琴音は直ぐにビキニを剥ぎ取られ開脚ポーズでマンコ全開。クリを弄られると同時に指マンされ感じまくる。直後ローター2個でクリを刺激されマンコグチョグチョに。そして四つん這いでバイブをマンコに押し込まれる。何度も激しくピストンされもがき無理矢理イカされる。続いて開脚ポーズで電マ2本をマンコに強く押し当てられ悶絶。再びイカされマンコは愛液でグッチョリ。直後口内にチンポを押し込まれ散々しゃぶらされる。そして正常位でチンポを捻じ込まれる。屈曲位、側位、バック、騎乗位。白濁した愛液が噴出。琴音は苦悶の表情でハメられ続ける。そして正常位で生中出し。直後バックで2本目が挿入される。激しく掻き回された後ザーメン強制注入。直ぐに3本目が背面騎乗位で押し込まれる。度重なる刺激で肥大したクリが卑猥!そして生中出し。ぱっくりマンコから丸見えの膣内部が卑猥過ぎ。 琴音はやっとの事で写真を回収。ところが翌日の握手&サイン会でも悲劇が待ち受けていた。琴音はファン達と楽しげに握手とサインを繰り返すが問題の写真と動画は既にネット上に流出していた。エロ画像&動画の存在を知ったファン達は当然激怒。琴音を取り囲む。危険を察知した琴音は直ぐに会場から逃げ出そうとするが押さえ付けられ身動きとれず。直後全身を愛撫される。さらに衣装を剥ぎ取られ立ちバックスタイルでマンコ全開。次々とチンポを捻じ込まれ無理矢理膣内射精を強行される。合計10発のザーメンでマンコドロドロ。さらにそれだけでは終わらず開脚ポーズでドロドロマンコに連続でザーメンを浴びせ掛けられる。合計8発のザーメンを直撃されたマンコは見るも無残な状況に。 この後琴音は便器メス専門事務所と新たに契約。人気は下降するどころか新たなファンも獲得し急上昇。しかし来る日も来る日も中出しされ続けた挙句体調を崩しマンコ酷使病で入院。見舞いに押し寄せた熱狂的なファン達にも中出しされまくり発狂。早く退院し再び皆にマンコを提供する日が待ち望まれている。