Heydouga 4084-PPV078 Sayaka The transformation Sayaka 21 years old
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016
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Heydouga 4084-PPV078 Sayaka The transformation Sayaka 21 years old


Today I came with a cameraman to the AV site with my friend 's assistance! It is! It is Lunulun! It is! Director is bad at the scene where the scene has progressed to a certain extent ... one word that it is poor but please let me cock! It is! I ... lucky! It is! I thought quickly! It is! Sayaka starts shooting naked! Her tits are just right size and the shape of the pussy's bira villa is already my favorite! Feratek is also an advanced expert who will be able to make it several times. I can not put up with my cock anymore ... Ah ~ I can get angry already so I can put it into a pussy ... But ... Sayaka: It made me feel uneasy without a single disgusting face! It is! But, it is! I was excited by the smell of sweat by her side and the squeezing of the pussy stimulated gew and my cock, I fired a sperm without permission! It is! Oh ~ what he did! But Sayaka-san told me Na Yi Sho later! It is! 'We have not yet rolled in to the director haha)

今日は友人監督のお手伝いでAV現場にカメラマンで来ました!!ルンルンです!!ある程度現場が進んだところで 監督が・・悪いけどチンポだして下さいと一言!!私・・ラッキー!!と思い即答!!さやかさんは裸のままで撮影開始!彼女のオッパイはちょうど良い大きさでマンコのビラビラの形も、もう私の大好物!フェラテクも何回かイキそうになるくらいの上級者です。もう私のチンポが我慢出来なくて・・・あ~もう怒られてもいいからマンコに入れちゃえ~・・・でもさやかさん嫌な顔ひとつ無く気持ち良くなってくれました!!で・ですが!彼女の脇汗の匂いで興奮しマンコの絞まりがギューと私のチンポ君を刺激して勝手に精子を発射してしまいました!!あ~なんて事したんでしょう!でもさやかさんは後でナ・イ・ショと言ってくれました!!’まだ監督にバレておりません笑)