Heydouga 4044-PPV4262 Ayumi Sakurada Night 24 Full Road 38 Painful Tears
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016
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Heydouga 4044-PPV4262 Ayumi Sakurada Night 24 Full Road 38 Painful Tears


Start with anal extension with continuation from beating. The butt that was already scarred already is painful, the anus is small painful, but the expansion continues to be plugged with anal jewelry. Men gathered cocks one after another, went to clip with a nipple clamped in deep inside. We accepted two cocks with a spicy expression on pussy and anal, simultaneously caught cock in mouth and inserted three at the same time. Put a woman on the rotating table, insert a cock in the mouth and pussy while turning the kulk. Round through the hole from one to the next, cum into the pussy, cum shot inside, shoot a lot of semen on the face. Blow me urine with two men on the face full of semen. A face covered with semen and urine is hung upside down and you can put face many times in aquarium. Makeup also falls completely, it seems that the pussy got rubbed by long-time gangbangs, but without mercy Pierre Nishikawaguchi inserts into the pussy. Painful woman clamping clothespin with a nipple ... Open mouth, fire semen and let her drink semen. Even this, it is caught by the handcuffs on the restraint board, and tears flow into a violent whipping. To the woman saying "I will not come again" to the question "Do you want to come next?", Press the stun gun and force the next promise. It seems that even though I wanted it, I never thought that it hurt so much.

叩きからの続きで肛門拡張から始まる。 既に傷だらけになった尻が痛々しい、肛門は小さく痛がるが、拡張は続きアナルジュエリーで栓をされる。 男達が群がりチンポを次々と咥えさせて行き、乳首を洗濯バサミで挟んでイラマチオ。 辛そうな表情で2本のチンポをマンコとアナルに受け入れ、口にもチンポを咥えて3人同時挿入。 回転台に女を乗せて、クルクル回しながら口とマンコにチンポを挿入。 次から次へと穴を使いまわされ、マンコ中出し、アナル中出し、顔に大量のザーメンを発射。 ザーメンだらけの顔に男2人で小便をぶっかける。 ザーメンと小便にまみれた顔を、逆さ吊りにされ水槽に顔を何度も入れられる。 化粧もすっかり落ちてしまい、長時間の輪姦でマンコが擦れて痛いようだが、容赦無くピエール西川口がマンコに挿入。 痛がる女に乳首に洗濯バサミを挟む・・・口を開けさせザーメンを発射し、ザーメンを飲ませる。 これでも終わらず、拘束台に手錠で拘束され、激しい鞭打ちに涙を流す。 「次も来るか?」の質問に「もう来ない」と言う女に、スタンガンを当て次の約束を強要する。 自ら望んだ事とはいえ、こんなに痛いとは思ってもいなかったようだ。