Gachinco gachi1114 Mihono GACHINCOCOM Japanese Amateur Girls
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016
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Gachinco gachi1114 Mihono GACHINCOCOM Japanese Amateur Girls

There was one big secret in the 19 year old fresh "Miho no Chang". That means that the age of the first experience is 18 years old, and it is 17 years old to be around. Actually, she seems to have regretted being one of my regrets that I finished my first experience since I graduated from high school, and I am saying that I am adored to Alekole of men and women when I was a student. When I was a swimming club, I want to regain my school days, seniors, teachers, part-time workers, clubroom, classroom ... I was indulged in such a delusion. Taking up her mini skirt, there are fancy underwear as if it embodied the admiration in adults. I want to return to school days, but I also have a longing for adults at the same time. Apparently, the memories of the past are caught in the heart and I want to take the stairway to adults She seems to be pulling her back hair. So, we will use strategy cosplay sex as a means of blowing away trauma, complex and other subordinate feelings. However, that prospect was shattered by herself. It was taken to the "Miho World", which is different from the view of the world prepared by us. As a result, the pace is completely grasped by her, and this side is guided until the last vaginal cum shot. To everyone who is an observer, it is up to you to wish to see the end of this fight alone. 19

歳のフレッシュな”みほのチャン”には、一つ大きな秘密がありました。それは、初体験の年齢は18歳で、周りには17歳と見栄を張っているという事です。実は彼女、高校を卒業してから初体験を済ませた事が一つの後悔となっているらしく、学生時代の男女のアレコレに憧れを抱いていると言うのです。水泳部だったあの頃、先輩と、先生と、バイト先で、部室で、教室で… そんな妄想に耽った学生時代を取り戻したい。そんな彼女のミニスカートをたくし上げてみると、その中は大人への憧れを具現化したかのような派手な下着が。学生時代に戻りたい、でも大人への憧れも同時に持っている。どうやら、過去の忘れ物が心に引っかかり大人への階段を踏み出したい彼女の後ろ髪を引いている様子。そこで我々は、学生コスプレセックスという荒療治を用いてトラウマ、コンプレックス、その他の劣感情を吹き飛ばすという作戦に打って出ます。しかし、その目論見は彼女自身によってあっさりと打ち砕かれてしまいました。我々が用意した世界観とは別の、「みほのワールド」に連れていかれてしまったのです。それにより、完全にペースは彼女に握られ、最後の中出しまでこちら側が導かれてしまうという結果に。観測者である皆様には、この戦いの顛末をしかと見届けて頂きたいと、そう願う次第でございます。