Caribbeancom 102414_984 Sara Mizuhara S grade half beautiful girl
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016
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Caribbeancom 102414_984 Sara Mizuhara S grade half beautiful girl


Suwa Sarah, an exotic southern country beautiful woman with half Spanish and Japanese. Born and raised Nagoya herself, the gap between the appearance and the fluent Nagoya dialect is strangely sosori. I can not bear the M Mu enough that I can not imagine from a provocative eyes that makes me think black leopard and a tight body. It is beautiful like art as it is shaved in beautiful dandruff. Well, Sarah, who attended as a model for private photo session. Weakness is held by self-proclaimed entertainment producer and mysterious otaku, I will get fucked sexually. Sarah is resistant to the request of metamorphosis at the beginning, but she starts to shake her female upper from the mind of nature and finally cumsome with cum shot at the end. Please fully enjoy Suwon Sarah, a black leopolive beast that you really want to make a pet.

スペイン人と日本人のハーフでエキゾチックな南国系美女の水原サラちゃん。 生まれも育ちも名古屋という彼女、外見と流暢な名古屋弁のギャップが妙にソソリます。 黒豹を思わせる挑発的な瞳と引き締まった体からは想像できない程のMっぷりがまた堪りません。 アソコもキレイにパイパン処理されていて、芸術の様な美しさです。 さて、個人撮影会のモデルとして出席したサラちゃん。自称芸能プロデューサーや謎のオタクさん に弱みを握られ、嫌々セックスされちゃいます。始めは変態の要求に抵抗しているサラちゃんですが、 天性のMっ気から女性上位で腰を振り始めて、最後は中出しでイキまくっちゃいます。 本気でペットにしたい黒豹系淫獣の水原サラちゃんを存分にお楽しみください。